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Our Mission

Evoke Fitness is a Santa Barbara company that aims to bring creative and enjoyable after-school programs that promote fitness, health, and well-being. Our mission is to demonstrate that fitness can be fun for all children. Through our programs that foster creativity and wellness, our students beam with confidence. This outlet for young children is beneficial and our hope is our students carry this feeling with them throughout their life.


Follow us on instagram @evoke_fitness to see our kids in action and to stay updated with all our news! We take pictures after every class in all our schools. 


Our Programs

After-school programs

We bring all our programs to your child's elementary school after their classes. The enrichment programs follow the academic calendar and last for 8-10 weeks. At the end of the session, the students perform a class routine to showcase everything they have learned at Evoke Fitness in front of their friends, family, and peers.


Would you like us to host your next event? Evoke Fitness also specializes in children's parties. Choose us as your provider for a fun and entertaining day of games and dances.


Our residency programs take place during class hours at different local elementary schools in Santa Barbara County. Like after-school enrichment, we offer a variety of classes like cheer and dance, hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and creative yoga. The classes and times we offer differ from one school to the other.



Our Impact

Over the past five years, Evoke Fitness has succeeded in providing children a creative and fun way to stay fit and healthy. We have partnered with several schools in Santa Barbara County like Adams, Ellwood, Monroe, Monte Vista, Montecito Union, Roosevelt, and Washington. We are constantly in search for more partner schools and organizations who understand, appreciate, and promote youth health and wellness. Evoke Fitness empowers children to make camaraderie and fitness a part of their lifestyle.


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SEPTEMber 2018

My daughter took the Broadway Baby class at Roosevelt Elementary and absolutely loved it! The instructor was enthusiastic and made sure they were always having fun. It also helped to teach my daughter rhythm and timing and working together as a team. The performance was amazing and I was so proud of them for learning so much in just a few weeks! She can't wait to take another class with Evoke Fitness and having more fun!

Tara Dees



Support Us

 Evoke Fitness is a company in Santa Barbara offering after-school enrichment programs and in-school residencies in elementary schools. Over the past years, we have been investing our time and resources to impact youth health and wellness. There are many ways in which you can help us improve our programs and widen our audience.


Our programs are mostly funded by parents. There are many more children in the Santa Barbara community who do not have the opportunity to learn more about fitness because of lack of funding. Provide them with an Evoke Fitness scholarship for an enriching and nurturing activity.

In order for our programs to grow, we would like to provide children with more supplies for their classes. Whether it may be for ballet bars, new portable sound systems, yoga mats, and yoga bricks, all these tools will engage more students to choose a healthy after-school.

Invest in our community's children. Promote a healthy lifestyle for the youth by providing them the best programs. In return, we will advertise your company in all our showcases and newsletters. We will also place your logo on our website and social media accounts.